Al Ghouse Road

General Project Information

Overall Project Objective

As a part of Ministry of Public Works plan to improve and upgrade the urban roads
infrastructures of Kuwait in order to meet the increasing traffic demands and accommodate development programs, MPW has decided to launch the ” Study, Design & Construction supervision for the construction and Maintenance for the Upgrading of Al Ghouse road”.

Although the Kuwait road network developed over the last 30 years is of a high standard, the increasing car ownership associated with new and proposed urban needs have placed greater demands on the motorway system which are now resulting in traffic congestion and travel time delays at a significant number of interchanges, especially those equipped with traffic signal installations.

Al Ghouse Road is a dual carriageway with various numbers of lanes depending on the concerned sections. It runs parallel to Fahaheel Expressway (Route 30) and King Fahed Ben Abdul Aziz Road (Route 40).

A majority of the intersections are at present controlled by traffic signals and Al Ghouse Road therefore functions as major collector road as part of the Primary Road Network in hierarchy, distributing the local traffic to major road network including Route 30 and Route 40.

As running parallel to Route 30 and Route 40, the upgraded Al Ghouse Road could be an alternate road carrying traffic between the south most end of Kuwait Metropolitan area and Al Ahmadi industrial area.

Scope of works

RA/265_Package 3

Package (3): Construction, Completion and maintenance of Al Ghouse road from 7th Ring Road till Fahaheel-Ahmadi road (road 212) (7th ring road excluded)

Improving and upgrading 6 existing roundabouts along Al Ghouse road. Construction of 3 flyovers (3+3 lanes) and upgrading existing signalized junctions by wide roundabouts.

Construction of three (3) footbridges
Upgrading and maintenance of Al Ghouse road as per described in the drawings.
Protect & relocate existing utilities taking into consideration the new road’s design.Construction of new services (ITS, etc.)

Contract information

Contract Number

Contract No. (RA 265)


Construction, Completion & Maintenance of Al-Ghouse Road From 7th Ring Road to Fahaheel Road


Ministry of Public Works (MPW)

Engineer Representative (Consultant)

EGIS International In association with SSH


Kuwait Arab contractors

Contract Value

KD 59,780,000

Contract Period

1095 Days

Contract Signature Date

15 April 2021

Commencement Date

10 june 2021

Completion Date

09 june 2021

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Kuwait Arab Contractor (KAC) is one of the leading construction companies in the Kuwait.

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